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MARVEL Strike Force

By FoxNext Games, LLC

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2018-03-28
  • Current Version: 2.1.1
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 182.54 MB
  • Developer: FoxNext Games, LLC
  • Compatibility: Android | iOS 10.0 or later.
Score: 4.5
From 82,655 Ratings
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In MARVEL Strike Force, ready for battle alongside allies and arch-rivals in this action-packed, visually-stunning free-to-play game for your iPhone or iPad. An assault on Earth has begun and Super Heroes and Super Villains are working together to defend it! Lead the charge by assembling your ultimate squad, including Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, Groot, Rocket Raccoon, Loki, Venom, Captain America and Iron Man, as you enter strategic combat against an all-new enemy threat. It’s time to fight! Gather your squad and prepare for the battle to save Earth! ASSEMBLE YOUR SQUAD Recruit your strike force and form a squad of powerful MARVEL Super Heroes and Super Villains like Iron Man, Captain America, Loki, Venom, Dr. Strange and more. STRENGTH THROUGH EVOLUTION Outfit and upgrade your Super Heroes and Super Villains to become stronger than ever before. STRATEGIC DOMINATION Who you bring to the fight matters. Pair up specific Super Heroes and Super Villains to perform combo moves to take out enemies. Expert in-fight tactics in 5v5 battles give you the power to vanquish the greatest villains of the Marvel Universe. EPIC COMBAT Experience groundbreaking gameplay cinematics, as your heroes unleash dynamic chain combos with a single tap. STUNNING VISUALS Play one of the most visually stunning mobile game experiences that has ever been released. Your Marvel Super Heroes and Super Villains look as close to life-like as possible on your phone! By downloading this app, you agree to our privacy policy and terms of use, available at and We may work with mobile advertising companies and other similar entities that help deliver advertisements tailored to your interests. For more information about such advertising practices, and to opt-out in mobile apps, see You may also download the App Choices app at


MARVEL Strike ForceMARVEL Strike ForceMARVEL Strike ForceMARVEL Strike ForceMARVEL Strike Force


  • Completely Ruined. Don’t waste your time

    By 1
    This was a fun game, I enjoy the premise. However, be prepared to encounter 8-10 mass glitches every week, and a developer that doesn’t understand the “micro” part of micro transaction.. before this past update it could be a free to play game and be very competitive in your arena. However, if you REALLY want a particular character or if you miss a couple of days, be prepared to dump hundreds of dollars to get caught up. However, none of this is why I have deleted the game after 5 months of playing. The “red star” concept has broken this game, and will be the downfall. A character with 7 red stars gets a 75% boost. That wasn’t a typo, 75%. The issue? You have a 1:200 chance of getting a 7*. For free you get 6 orbs, plus maybe 5 per week through blitz and other giveaways. So, in roughly one year, you can get a ***random*** character capable of competing. You can’t guarantee it’s a character you use, or even one you have unlocked!! The other option is to shell out thousands of dollars. Oh, and stars DO NOT stack. So if you thought, hey, I’ll just stick it out and get 1-2 Stars (the most common) at a time until I achieve a 7* character, it won’t happen. If you start with 2 and get a 3, they “refund” you 200 orb shards for your trouble.. totally broken money grab system. If this is fixed, I would totally return to the game... but this is unplayable. - autor:Cxsfdss - title:Completely Ruined. Don’t waste your time
    my rating 1 stars - max website rate 5
  • Upgrade

    By 1
    Player upgrades go back to previous levels once you go back to the roster screen. I’ve updated several player over the past few days because I thought it was a glitch. But, nope once the upgrade is finished and back to roster screen upgrade power level goes back down but tier stays up. - autor:At the Finished Line - title:Upgrade
    my rating 1 stars - max website rate 5
  • What was bad, is now worse.

    By 1
    This game was ruined well before red stars. Cash grab company using dubious tactics to incentivize purchases, and immediate after they diminish the value of your purchase. - autor:Kikijiki86 - title:What was bad, is now worse.
    my rating 1 stars - max website rate 5

    By 1
    Update 12/10/2018 : red stars made progression completely random. It’s a big time loot crate. Game should be 0 stars. Update 11/22/2018 : Beware if new player before investing time and money!!! They are about to release “red stars” which can only be gained via orbs and is completely random. This is has all the characteristics of a loot crate!!!! Google search “loot crate controversy” for more info or look up Battlefront 2 controversy. Will update review when it crates come out. Lowering rating to 2* for loot crate implementation especially in light of the controversy nowadays. Prior review below To be top tier you need to pay. Devs shifted the game to powerful team synergies so you need to pay and build the team not just a character and that means more money. Items for pay2win are exceedingly high priced considering the small advantage gained. No middle ground for some moderate spending IMO. Good game for free to play (F2P). Been playing since launch and can still progress. Content available to P2W whales can be attained by F2P in a few months. It’s not hidden behind a pay wall or something that takes 99 years to unlock. Devs reworked the Defenders team to be very strong. That team plus punisher is very accessible for new players and very powerful in later content. So good F2P starter team. I believe only black widow is a top must have character behind anything close to a pay wall. If not paying, will need to get lucky with orbs to attain her. Was able to get her with lucky orbs in about 5 months. Only advertisement are marvel movie/show tie ins. Nick Fury which requires leveling 5 trash kree (yes kree) minions (yes minions, not ronan) to unlock, then leveling 4 shield minions (yes minions, not hawkeye) to form OP team with nick fury showed devs are very willing to do a cash grab. So beware when investing your time as this game is at the edge of almost having massive paywalls. Most powerful team isn't your favorite marvel characters. Its that nick fury and a bunch of nameless minions team. So very silly choice on devs part from managing marvel character license. I hear cheating is becoming more rampant at the top. Not an issue for F2P since you need to be a big spender to be on top to be affected by the cheaters. But for whales this may be a problem. - autor:GameJunkie1973 - title:LOOT CRATE ALERT!!!
    my rating 1 stars - max website rate 5
  • More characters

    By 5
    I’m a huge marvel fan but I’ve been playing for a long time and I have mostly every character but I’m starting to worry about getting all the characters so plz add more so the people who have mostly every character can play and not worry about all the characters being gone. P.S here are people you can add the dark avengers,X-Men,asgardians,and the hellfire club Plz ad those people. It would be a great help if they were a little more characters - autor:mr siracha - title:More characters
    my rating 5 stars - max website rate 5
  • Do not invest time in this

    By 1
    I've been a player since launch and have finally decided to quit the game. The lack of fairness in the gameplay has been abundant but I always tried to justify Foxnext's practices. Now they've introduced "Red stars" that has eliminated more than 10 months of my progress instantaneously. Just broken game design, ruled only by RNG and big bucks. Warning to all who are just now downloading this game, you will spend months wasting your time for nothing.. They will change all core team dynamics whenever they want without any justifications whatsoever. - autor:Sidgarg - title:Do not invest time in this
    my rating 1 stars - max website rate 5
  • A good idea turned into a gambling trap

    By 1
    I am reluctant to write this review - and indeed I haven’t yet stopped playing the game. But I must recommend to someone considering whether to start playing that they decline to do so. The recent overlay of a gambling aspect to character stats has removed all strategy in favor of milking those who will become addicted to gambling. It’s not just removing fun - it’s genuinely immoral to take advantage of the ill. I still hope that the fine work of designers and artists is allowed to flourish by those making the larger decisions. But I can’t recommend you spend your time or money hoping for the same. - autor:Alexc3000 - title:A good idea turned into a gambling trap
    my rating 1 stars - max website rate 5
  • Great concept, horrible execution

    By 1
    The core gameplay with battles and rpg elements are solid, although buggy sometimes. There is enough strategy and randomness to make winning or losing battles fun. It's the f2p elements that I have issues with. In order to get new character or stronger characters to do single player campaigns, you have to do some competitive modes for random drops. The system was fine and getting better until the recent update. The new elements they added, makes the game worse for new and free to play players. The new red stars system is unnecessary complex and adds too much randomness to the game's competitive mode. They added this system despite protests from the majority of the players. It rewards players that are willing to spend lots of money to win. It can make characters 2x more powerful from a single drop, and the only way to get these red stars is from buying or doing events that require you to have strong teams (which you can get faster from spending money). This furthers the power gap between new players and older player for competitive game modes. The game is making it more difficult for new players to be able to stay competitive enough to do the new events without needing to pay. The creators are too greedy with the prices and it's killing the player base. For example, there's $20 package to get a random amount of in-game gold that has a horrible minimum payout. They don't even test the game with new updates and features have been broken at each update. The creators are ignoring the players feedback, bugs, and cheaters in the community. They should be fixing these issues instead of releasing some money grabbing feature for a game less than a year old. It started out great and balanced, but now it just benefits players willing to pay constantly. As the way the game is now, I cannot recommend it. - autor:AlphaNexus - title:Great concept, horrible execution
    my rating 1 stars - max website rate 5
  • Not Great but Good

    By 3
    This as a whole is pretty good but my biggest concerns for the game is that the grind for gear at the higher levels is borderline asinine. You save up your energy to get gear and it drops you one maybe two or nothing at all when you need 24 of them. My other issue is that the packs that you pay for barely help you at all. 45 shards and some get for $40 is insane. I understand you want to make money but come on. I’m all about a daily grind but it’s getting to the point that I will be playing the game for years, to even come close to being a very strong player unless I pour 100’s of dollars into the game. To me the drops should be better for shards and gear. It shouldn’t take me a month to get 200 shards to have a character go from 5 stars to 6 stars and after that I have another 300 to go. I just have hope the developers will listen to their fans of the game and try to help solve this issue. All in all I enjoy the game and I enjoy playing it. I would just enjoy it more if I didn’t have to pay to win at this point. Or pay to gear up. - autor:xArchAngel24x - title:Not Great but Good
    my rating 3 stars - max website rate 5
  • Ruined by Red Stars

    By 1
    Great game ruined by red stars. All strategy and team building thrown out for red star lottery system. Game destroying cash grab. - autor:Ncst8fanABC - title:Ruined by Red Stars
    my rating 1 stars - max website rate 5


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