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By Epic Games

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2018-03-15
  • Current Version: 6.10.1
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 143.32 MB
  • Developer: Epic Games
  • Compatibility: Android | iOS 11.0 or later.
Score: 4.5
From 2,721,412 Ratings
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Works with: iPhone SE, 6S, 7, 8, X, XS ; iPad Mini 4, Air 2, 2017, 2018, Pro Fortnite DOES NOT support: iPhone 5S, 6, 6 Plus; iPad Air, Mini 2, Mini 3, iPod Touch The #1 Battle Royale game has come to mobile! Squad up and compete to be the last one standing in 100-player PvP. Build cover. Battle your opponents. Survive the longest. Earn your Victory. Requires an internet connection and iOS 11. On mobile, Fortnite is the same 100-player PvP game you know from PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Mac. Same map, same gameplay, same weekly updates. Build your fort as you battle to be the last one standing. Jump in and squad up with friends around the world or in the same room! Powered by Unreal Engine 4. BUILD & DESTROY - Shape the battlefield by building your own cover. Opponent hiding behind a wall? Take out their cover to get the edge. GEAR UP - Board the battle bus and drop in on your favorite zone. Gather resources, collect gear, and battle your opponents! Last one standing wins. SQUAD UP WITH FRIENDS - Team up with your friends around the world or in the same room! EPIC UPDATES & EVENTS - Weekly updates constantly fuel the fun. New gameplay modes, serious and insane new looks for your avatar, new weapons and items….Fortnite is always expanding. CONSOLE GAMING ON THE GO - Play the full game anytime, anywhere. Complete quests on the go, progress your Battle Pass, and more.




  • Samanthanmax

    By 5
    Get this game it is amazing so get it - autor:Samanthanax - title:Samanthanmax
    my rating 5 stars - max website rate 5
  • Better than pubg

    By 5
    Better than pubg - autor:jddire - title:Better than pubg
    my rating 5 stars - max website rate 5
  • Bug logging in

    By 5
    Whenever I try logging in it never lets me it will just stay loading won’t even log in I. I like this game very much but it really annoys me when I can’t log in and play with my friends - autor:Beckergirl222222 - title:Bug logging in
    my rating 5 stars - max website rate 5
  • Nice, but still a lot of bugs and flaws

    By 3
    To start I’ve gotten pretty good at mobile on my iPhones me 8. Many solo wins. It’s hard as I can’t play with 4 fingers but that’s not epic faults. Anyway, there are some issues I would like to point out. 1. Lagging. This one is very common. I would say 50% of the time it’s my fault either I’m playing on LTE with poor signal or in a bad spot in my house for WiFi. The other 50% I’ll be at full bars LTE or in the same room as my WiFi router and I’ll still lag. Sometimes it will be I can’t move. Other times I be moving normally and I’ll shoot at an opponent and no damage will occur. Then like 10 seconds later it will show I got killed. Please fix this 2. Crashing. I’ve found this to be quite annoying. It happens more later in the day and sometimes in the morning. I’ll jump pit of the bus, and right before I’m about to land or right after I land, the game will completely crash leaving me staring at my iPhone home screen. It also happens mid game but not as frequently. Also, I’ve noticed if I land on the floating island it happens almost every time in the evening. 2.5. CRASHING IN ALPHA TOURNAMENT!! The first alpha tournament I played I got a victory royal. I didn’t play as aggressive but I got 3 kills. So adding that up I should have gotten 3 points. Right when the victory royal popped up on the screen, I snapped a screen shot and shortly afterwards before I could go back to the lobby Fortnite crashed again leaving me staring at my home screen. What makes me SOOO angry is that none of the points counted. It still showed up as 0 attempts and 0/20 points🤬😡🤬!! I played another round and I crashed landing at the island but it counted my attempt for that but not the win I had earlier?!?!?! 3. Please only allow people to use mics if they have one plugged in. I’ve done duos, squads, and playgrounds on fill and have gotten sooo many people who have no headphones, and have their volume turned up, and all I hear from their mic is their game and my voice. Ugh soooo annoying!! Lastly, this isn’t an issue, but please add stats to Fortnite mobile and theater mode too - autor:Hate 3D tuning app only - title:Nice, but still a lot of bugs and flaws
    my rating 3 stars - max website rate 5
  • WHY DID YOU TAKE 50/50 AWAY 😩😩 ?

    By 3
    BRING IT BACK ! - autor:samaurri - title:WHY DID YOU TAKE 50/50 AWAY 😩😩 ?
    my rating 3 stars - max website rate 5
  • Shotguns are not the same

    By 4
    If epic games sees this I am not hating I am sharing my opinion. Back in the good old days of season 1, 2, 3 and some of 4 you could do damage with shotguns now I am constantly getting 110 headshots or even 90 headshots with a shotgun. I have realized that you are catering to bad players (noobs) with taking out smg’s that needed skill, although I am happy that the drum gun was removed, the tactical smg took skill and a good amount of it, I know you guys are trying to get new players but your og players still matter. This is not a hate message because I still love your game but, just think about your old players because it is still a game. Thank for the amazing game that I have almost centered my life around, great work epic, “this is it chief” - autor:Not Foxxy - title:Shotguns are not the same
    my rating 4 stars - max website rate 5

    By 5
    so I’m pretty sure that a lot of ppl play it but when I play on mobile sometimes I can’t edit .... I’m playing on iPad Pro 12 inch but still can’t edit............. I hope u fix it I like thisss gameeee... - autor:Ash_1098765432 - title:I LOVE THIS GAME
    my rating 5 stars - max website rate 5

    By 5
    In my opinion fortnite is the best game to stat of with when you are new to controller🎮 Why does fortnite work with only specific devices? It really annoys me that I can't play on my ipad mini and when the iPhone XS came out I couldn't play on my iPhone 6s+ NOW THAT'S THE BAD PART OF IOS OVERALL AS THE GAME IS AMAZING - autor:Saesha ❤️❤️ - title:FAIVROTE GAME
    my rating 5 stars - max website rate 5
  • Horrible

    By 1
    Every time I open the game, it crashes - autor:TOMMcGrath - title:Horrible
    my rating 1 stars - max website rate 5
  • Bring out trading pleases

    By 5
    When are you going to bring out trading in fortnite - autor:slowking32 - title:Bring out trading pleases
    my rating 5 stars - max website rate 5


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